Something to Know About Com in-Genio

Com in-Genio is a technology support company, your website is a solution portal, where in one place you will see multiple disciplines designed to offer comprehensive services to our customers. This is how we managed to unite in a single company a service provider of Web Development and Industrial Services of Design, Maintenance and Metrological Control.

We design web pages, advertising strategies for the Internet and social networks. We provide specialized maintenance services to sublimation thermofixers, security cameras and everything related to industrial instrumentation.

We also provide advice on these services.


Our specialty is microenterprises and small businesses. Our main virtue is to be able to adapt to low budgets achieving great objectives.


If you think about progressing, think Com in-Genius. Contact us or continue researching about us, you will discover a world of possibilities, business and personal growth.

About us

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Website Design and Multimedia Content For Internet and Print.

Get to know the entire web design portfolio of Com in-Genio. By doing this, you will save time, your investment will be more profitable, saving valuable resources that you can invest in other areas of your business.


Our web content design thinks about the today and the future of technology, that is why it is important that our designs can be visualized in all types of devices. We emphasize mobile devices such as phones or smartphones and tablets.



Campaigns to Increase the Traffic of Websites and Social Networks.

Com in-Genio offers you the means to reach your advertising requirements, adjusting to your budget. Our research process will help you choose the most appropriate channel to achieve your objectives, intelligently managing your resources. Making successful campaigns.

+Content +Digital Marketing

Advertising must have content that has an impact on potential customers. Depending on the type of campaign and the objectives, content is created for the different media, such as social networks, or digital signage.


Web Administration

Website Management and Social Network Accounts; Hosting and SEO.

In Com in-Genio make the best deal to have your own successful website, generating profits. Have powerful content that attracts visitors. We manage your social networks efficiently and productively. In one place you will find how to carry out your project.

In Com in-Genio you will find:

  • Hosting or Web Hosting Plans.
  • We process the Purchase of Domains.
  • Site Administration and Web Content Creation.
  • Construction, Management and Administration of Social Networks aimed at generating income and empowering your business.
  • Creating Multimedia Content for the Web of high impact tailored to your budget.



Web Hosting

Secure Website Hosting; Hosting Plans.

e-Secloud “La Velocidad de WordPress Optimizada por 2X”: We provide a hosting service, where you can have a website in WordPress thought of the user experience. Thought about speed, without reducing your budget. This will bring you direct benefits by optimizing your website or blog for mobile devices.

Gánele a la Competencia

Put your business at the forefront of technology in Latin America, opening your market to national and / or international levels.

We offer a powerful telework tool to develop the full potential of your business online.

Collaborate in IT development projects with your work group or improve the interrelation with your clients and / or suppliers.


Industrial services

We Innovate Applying Technologies; Designing, Improving Processes and Equipment.

In Com in-Genio you will find specialized services with professional staff with years of experience, which allow us to cover areas such as:

  • Design repair and enhancement of Sublimation Thermofixers.
  • Installation and maintenance of security camera systems.
  • Network installation and computer maintenance.
  • Vitrinism. Focused on commercial lighting design, boosting sales and multimedia digital signage systems also known as digital signage.
  • Industrial Maintenance and Assembly specialized in industrial instrumentation and metrology
  • Maintenance of safety valves and proportional valves.

Technology Development

Com in-Genio It has a Research and Development Program for New Technologies and Processes focused on:

  • Renewable energy systems.
  • Medios de transporte con impacto ambiental “Zero”.
  • Instrumentation for metrology laboratories.



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Blog where you will find information about the Company, Tutorials, Personal Growth Topics, Technological Advances, Web Design, SEO, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Advertising.

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Plans & Prices

Review Active Promotions in Our Campaigns

Here you will find a sample of the services offered by Com in-Genio with its corresponding costs, for more information, contact us to provide personalized advice and clear your doubts about the service to hire.

  • Social networks

    Desde $785.000 COP por mes

    Entrepreneur Package; 2 managed channels.

    • Channel image management.
    • Content management
    • 18 edited images x channel.
    • Management of statistics.
    • Reports generation.
    • Media strategies

  • Hosting

    Desde $200.000 COP por año

    Hosting Plan or Annual Web Hosting.

    • 20 MySQL databases.
    • PHP support
    • 10 Mail accounts.
    • Support.
    • Automatic Bandwidth
    • FTP access.

  • Revisión Termofijadoras

    $100.000 COP por equipo

    Review-Technical Visit at Home.

    • Equipment-Processes Review
    • Diagnosis of damage.
    • Estimated cost of the work.


To obtain more information about our services, plans or how to be part of the in-Genio community, send us a message, an email or call us with pleasure we will attend you, you are our reason for being.

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