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Portal of Solutions Com in-Genio

What is Com in-Genius? Well the wise and beloved saying: "A picture is worth a thousand words" then we bring you 3,000 words to explain that it is the Portal of Solutions Com in-Genio ... Quiet I will not bore you with a string of words as if it were the most ruthless of [...]
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Imagen de presentación de artículos posteados en el blog "La Bitácora" creados por Com in-Genio sobre Comunidad y Redes Sociales para la web y dispositivos móviles.

in-Genio Community

Social Networks of Com in-Genio The work of social networks is more than generating content, getting followers and managing statistics, it is managing the resources we have to collaborate in the achievement of the objectives that we have set, providing a service to the community and our clients; The objective is to create The Community of [...]
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