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Industrial Maintenance and Calibration Services

Introduction to Industrial Maintenance and Calibration Services At Com in-Genio we have industrial instructors with knowledge of industrial process control and metrology, which allows us to offer a wide range of services in the area of industrial maintenance with more than 15 years of experience. We perform Preventive and Corrective maintenance to industrial equipment and instruments, compressors [...]
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Thermofixers Repair and Empowerment

Repair and Enhancement of Subliming Thermofixers; Parts and Supplies. Also known as Subliming Thermofixers, these machines are responsible for fixing the image or color of the stamp, with pressure and heat; giving shine to the final finish of the finished product; it is an essential tool in any modern lithographic workshop. Characteristics: Voltage supply at 110 volt or [...]
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Commercial Lighting, Key in the Vitrinism

Introduction to Commercial Lighting In Com in-Genio you can find the Design, Assembly and Maintenance, of custom commercial lighting systems, for ambientar residential or commercial spaces. Our Commercial Lighting Designs are designed to increase the exposure of your products, making them look more attractive. Contrary to what is believed, there are many types of [...]
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Research & Development or R & D

Research & Development, Also Known As R & D. Let's see what we see in R & D: In the category of Research & Development, you can find projects of technical and technological content. The purpose is that you can apply them in your professional or educational life. We will put at your disposal technological concepts that you can implement and with them you can also [...]
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Industrial Services Com in-Genio in Cali

Com in-Genio Industrial Services in Cali We are a Technology Support Company that provides industrial services in the areas of: Design, Assembly, Repair and Equipment Calibration. Com in-Genio is located in the city of Cali, Colombia. We provide people and companies with solutions in the offer of industrial services on the challenges that [...]
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