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The Com in-Genio Concept What is it?


"Community of the resource that shares information, creating links for personal and commercial growth. Promoting creativity, imagination, vision and knowledge of people.

They are innate abilities in human beings. Skills that inspire them to be better and share their riches, the knowledge that unites us with All with Everything ".


Carlos Andrés González

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The Mission and Vision of Com in-Genio


View:: "To make Com in-Genio a motivating agent of development in the country, giving integral solutions, generating a new and revitalized way of thinking. Achieving to increase the competitiveness of our industry worldwide ".


Mission:: "Generate added value in their clients and work team, knowledge, hope, self-esteem. To develop the individual and collective potentials to the maximum. Make Com In-Genio a technological example promoting the care and protection of the environment. The balanced development in perfect harmony with nature ".



Com in-Genio – Carlos Andrés González

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Thought :: The phrase "I believed for what I acted" It shows us the greatest proof that you are a person of Faith. It is a tangible sample that your thinking and speaking is accompanied by facts.

Your actions indicate who you really are, who you believe in, what you believe in. If you are consistent with your thoughts; Then and only then can you say that you are a truly integral person.

Carlos Andrés González
Learned in King of Salem.

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