Web Content DESIGN in Com in-Genio

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Web Content DESIGN in Com in-Genio

The DESiGN Intelligent "It is tailor-made, customized, adapted to needs, visually pleasing, functional, friendly with users and search engines". For this reason we build websites with: HTML5, CSS3 & JS technologies designed to meet these needs. Our web content design thinks about the today and the future of technology, that is why it is important that our designs can be visualized in all types of devices.

We emphasize designs to be visualized on mobile devices such as phones or smartphones and tablets.

In Com in-Genio you will find the creation of your project. That's why we invite you to know the Com in-Genio Services and our entire portfolio in web content design.

Hiring our services, you will save time, make your investment more profitable, saving valuable resources that you can invest in other areas of your business.


Line of DESIGN of Web Contents

These are the services you can find in our Digital Agency.

  • Corporate image.
  • Graphic design for printed.
  • Creation and design of websites.
  • Graphic design for the web / Social Networks.
  • Multimedia content for the web. the web / Social Networks.


Features of the Web Content DESiGN What Do We Do


  • Adaptive Web Design or Responsive Web Design.
  • Flat Design.
  • SEO functionalities "Friendly with search engines"
  • The Blog "As a marketing tool, advertising and source of income"
  • A Social Web "Integration with Social Networks"
  • Statistics "We make your project grow because we know how to measure"
  • Usability "Thought in the User Experience and the DESiGN"


The key of the effectiveness of our DESiGNS

With the research process we obtain the tools to make decisions and project strategies. In this way we achieve the objectives of our clients. As a result, we apply the information acquired in the design for which you are hiring us.

To achieve the objectives set, it is required:

  • Know the starting state of the project.
  • Know the external agents.
  • Know which are the binding agents.
  • What is the target market or customers?
  • What is the business idea?
  • Know what is the qualitative potential, its costs and profitability.

We collect and analyze the information regarding the sector of the company and its market. This systematic process allows us to make strategic and operational decisions about the design of your project.

Research is a powerful tool that allows us to obtain the necessary information to establish:

  • Policies
  • Goals.
  • Plans
  • Strategies adapted to business needs.

In this way a Design is achieved that keeps in itself the strategy that will make your business a Success!


List of Prices.

Below you will find a list with the information about our DESiGN services. When requesting a quote you will have the real value of your project taking into account all its variants.

All prices appear in - COP - Colombian Pesos and - USD - American Dollars.

  • Edition


    $ 14,04 USD Per Hour
    Photo Edition Level 2
    • Change of image or photo size
    • Crop image or photo
    • Conversion of image or photo to White / Black
    • Filter application
    • Join several images in one
  • Edition


    $ 21,05 USD Per Hour
    Photographic Edition Level 3
    • Crop image or photo
    • Change of image or photo size
    • Conversion of image or photo to White / Black
    • Filter application
    • Join several images in one
    • Advanced Photoshop for your images or photos
  • Recording


    $ 63,16 USD the Hour
    Video / audio recording by Hour in 4K
    • Recording action or sports activities
    • Recording on digital audio / video support
    • Accessories for recording according to the Script
    • Price for 1 Hour of recording
    • Accessories for outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Recording


    $ 140,35 USD for 20 minutes
    Recording video with Drone 20 Minutes in FHD 1920 x 1080
    • Recording action or sports activities
    • Recording on digital audio / video support
    • Target tracking
    • Close-ups
    • Panoramic plans
    • Price for 20 Minutes of recording
  • Edition


    From $ 14,04 USD per Hour
    Video editing in FHD 1080p
    • We facilitate the purchase / procurement of support material
    • Trim sequences
    • Inclusion of effects
    • Texts and transitions
    • Improved audio / recorded audio inclusion
  • Track


    $ 31,58 USD each
    Soundtrack for your video for Blog, Social Networks, corporate.
    • High fidelity soundtrack (HF)
    • According to the type of video motivation, education, business, etc.
    • The purchase and means of payment are processed.
    • Buy that respects the copyright
    • You can publish the final production in social networks
  • Animation


    From $ 63,16 USD
    Animation in HTML5 FHD 1920 x 1080 display on all devices
    • Display on mobile devices
    • 1 minuto aproximadamente.
    • Especially to publish on the web
    • Animation completely in HTML5
    • No audio
  • Logo


    From $ 63,16 USD
    Creation Personal or Corporate Logo.
    • Creation logo according to business model
    • Adaptable to printed
    • Adaptable to Social Networks
    • Adaptable to Web Pages
    • Adaptable to retina screens
  • Image

    $ 1.2M

    From $ 421,05 USD
    Design and printing Logo and Corporate Image.
    • Creation of logos
    • Modification logos
    • Business cards
    • Catalogs
    • Services briefcase
  • WordPress


    From $ 701,75 USD
    Creation of Dynamic Content Website
    • + Hosting Payment x 2 years
    • SSL certificate included for life
    • Built with WordPress CMS technology
    • 10 Databases
    • Administration panel
    • User Management
    • Robust Security
    • Online payments
    • SEO
    • Account in Google Analytics
    • Piwik*
    • AddThis*
    • + Features Static Plan
  • eCommerce


    Starting at $ 2.105,26 USD
    Website Creation Dynamic Content eCommerce
    • + Hosting Payment for 3 years
    • SSL certificate included for life
    • Built with CMS technology
    • 10 Databases +
    • Administration panel
    • User Management
    • Robust Security
    • Online payments
    • + Features WordPress Plan


Process General of Hiring

  • The client must request a quote where the need or requirement is specified by him, it must be written by digital or physical means.
  • Once the quotation and delivery time have been approved, an advance is requested on the work to be carried out, which will never be less than 50% of the agreed price.
  • To start the work, confirmation of the payment of the advance and the sending of an authorization from the client for the start of the work or work order is required.
  • Once the work is delivered and it is fully functional, the total cancellation of the agreed price will be made by the client.


Note !: Depending on the type of work, detailed information about the hiring process will be given once the contact process with us is done.



  • Be of legal age, or have the supervision of an adult responsible for the contracting child. In conclusion, when a contract is made, all the legal norms of Colombia apply.


All the digital format services that we do are designed to be multiplatform. Therefore, they are adaptable to the current technical requirements and specifications in software and hardware.

The printed works are delivered by hand. So we facilitate the process and we generate time savings for the client, we show how the work will be.



The duration of the guarantee depends on the product or service contracted, therefore we handle guarantees of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

In the ICT services sector we manage an SLA of 90% and 99% depending on the service or product made. In other words, it means that the service has to be working correctly at the specified percentage of the time of use.

IMPORTANT !: Ask if your project qualifies as a Seed Project.