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Imagen sobre servicios industriales prestados en Com in-genio Agencia industrial

Proceso de Garantía Industrial

Introducción Sobre Garantía Industrial en Com in-Genio A continuación explicaremos el proceso de Garantía Industrial que ofrecemos en Com in-Genio, tiempos de cubrimiento,  requisitos para hacerla efectiva  y otros detalles que usted como potencial cliente pueda tener sobre el servicio que ofrecemos. Al terminar el trabajo solicitado, se le informa el tiempo de cubrimiento de […]
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Com in-Genio: Termofijadora Multifuncional siendo calibrada en ºF con Equipo patrón en ºC, Procedimiento en taller en Cali - Colombia. Resistencia Plana.

Calibración a Termofijadoras

[rev_slider alias=”CalPruebas”][/rev_slider] Calibración: Es el proceso por el cual se comparan los valores obtenidos por un instrumento de medición o control de una variable con la medida correspondiente de otro equipo usado como referencia, comúnmente llamado equipo patrón.     En caso de presentar una diferencia de medidas se requiere ajustar el error del equipo […]
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Powerful Multipurpose Source

Introduction For the line of projects and developments of Com in-Genio, a source of voltage that can supply us from 3v to 12v at least was required. Also power equipment with high loads, so it is required to supply currents greater than 10 amperes. A source with these characteristics is difficult [...]
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Portable Power Board

Introduction The proposed portable power board will allow us, together with our gadgets to measure current, to be one step closer in order to have tools that we will be using in the next projects. The amplifier of sensitivity The meter with multimeter These devices can see them in our last publication, giving in the links [...]
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Imagen artículo sobre uniones en Com in-Genio Investigación y Desarrollo

Technical Capsules Unions

Join: Join two or more parts of similar properties or totally different materials, to form a whole. A piece that is made up of several parts can be joined by different types of joints. According to the requirement of fixation, solids or articulation, and this in turn depends on the work that must be done. TYPES […]
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Devices Measuring Alternating Current

INTRODUCTION The best day to all the audience of the channel and to all the followers of the Blog La Bitácora. In our first video tutorial we will touch on the issue of measurement, as we mentioned the purpose of this space is to make low cost projects, but that can generate a positive impact on our work or production process. [...]
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Introduction to R & D Tutorials

INTRODUCTORY ARTICLE A R & D Welcome to the Research & Development section, where you can find video tutorials. We want to thank you for coming to this informative space for growth and technological development. Our methodology will be the evolution of a nascent microenterprise, with limited resources. You will see how we manage in an intelligent way the [...]
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