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Imagen artículo Google localguide Com in-Genio

The Importance of being a Google Local Guide

Com in-Genio es un Guía Local Google  en Cali – Colombia ¿Qué significa eso y que beneficios trae para usted o nuestros clientes?   Un Guía Local Google con insignia, denota un nivel de contribuciones avanzado en el programa.   Valoramos lugares, ubicamos puntos de interés, negocios, empresas, tiendas, restaurantes colaboramos directamente a mejorar Google […]
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Blog La Bitácora... Com in-Genio

Now the 18/18 En La Bitácora Com in-Genio

The Blog La Bitácora Com in-Genio & the Community Campaign of in-Genio 18/18 Get a discount of 80% on the creation of your corporate image and the assembly of your own business blog, plus you will have support for its maintenance and strategies increase; only participate actively in the La Bitácora Com in-Genio in the modalities [...]
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Yeepi Clasificados by: e-Secloud

Free Classified Ads for the In-Genius Community! Yeepi Classifieds was the option created by Com in-Genio to give an alternative of marketing products or services to the community for free, creating a network that shares knowledge and business relationships that generate development and prosperity. The idea was to create a platform [...]
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Campaign Community of in-Genio 18/18

Campaign Comunidad del in-Genio 18/18 Starts on Linkedin We are three (3) days away from launching our 18/18 campaign aimed at the in-Genio community. We will do it through our channel on Linkedin, especially aimed at your network of contacts. We will give details about the campaign and the mechanisms to earn discount vouchers, prizes [...]
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Advertising, Reviews & Social Networks

Revealed Secrets: Advertising, Reviews & Social Networks Today I will tell you about the strategy we use in Com in-Genio for the propagation of content, how we create revenue and how we can improve our SEO through Advertising, Reviews & Social Networks. Contents of our Article Propagation of Contents Income As we improve the SEO [...]
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Imagen de presentación de artículos posteados en el blog "La Bitácora" creados por Com in-Genio sobre Comunidad y Redes Sociales para la web y dispositivos móviles.

in-Genio Community

Social Networks of Com in-Genio The work of social networks is more than generating content, getting followers and managing statistics, it is managing the resources we have to collaborate in the achievement of the objectives that we have set, providing a service to the community and our clients; The objective is to create The Community of [...]
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